FABRIC: RebeLeggings only uses premium fabrics that provide comfort and durability. Our fabric provides the soft touch of cotton with the rugged durability of nylon. By wearing our Leggings you’ll find it easier to execute stable and active movements for a more comfortable and efficient workout. Leggings are prone to wet conditions and moisture from sweating. With the consideration of anti-bacterial and breathability as our top priority we selected pure-cotton as our lining fabric which is closest to your skin. Pure-cotton is eco-friendly, health sensitive, and uses bamboo fibers. The combination of pure-cotton and bamboo fibers provides fast absorption and release of moisture, absorbs harmful substances, removes odor, and alleviates fatigue. 

TECHNOLOGY: As a result of our continuous Research & Development we found that most Leggings out on the market are flat and straight. The flat fit can leave loose areas around the waist or apply too much pressure to other areas of our body. We developed a narrower waist band that eliminates the gap around the waist and changed it to a thinner cloth that eliminates pressure on the waist. RebeLeggings have different degrees of pressure for different areas of the body. Our Leggings apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the areas that provide support rather than tight pressure on the entire body.

SEWING PATTERN: RebeLeggings have several small bar shaped sewing lines on top of the regular sewing lines. They have been incorporated to our Leggings to prevent tearing and ensure our customers benefit from a long lasting product.